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    No.80,Xiangjia Rd.,Lize Industrial Zone,Weitang Town,Jiashan County,Zhejiang Province
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wallboards, fiberboard nails,non-sstandard products

Jiashan Chaoyi Fastener Co.,Ltd.was established in July 2005 as producer of carbon steel and aluminum fasteners covering over 5,000 square meters with over 3,000 square meters of factory buildings. The enterprise is near Shanghai and owns over 30 sets of fully automatic production equipments imported from overseas.By means of adopting high-quality raw materials made in China, the product quality is ensured and the price is maintained at a low level.Currently, the scope of the products couers mails for wallboards, fiberboard nails,self-tapping nails, screws, aluminum rivets and other non-sstandard products according to the samples or figures is available.The products are widely usrd in fields of construction, furniture and electric appliances and are exported to Europe and America,etc.