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    Haiyan Huayu Automotive Components Co., Ltd.
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    Mr. Yuan
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    No.9 Liangyou Road,Xitang Town,Haiyan County,Zhejiang Province.
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    +86 0573-86815262
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flange nuts, weld nuts, brass nut

Haiyan Qunxing Nuts Co.,Ltd. is located in the prime intersect from Shanghai to Hangzhou, Suzhou and Ningbo . The South is near Hangzhou Bay , the north is near Shanghai-Hangzhou Express Avenue ,and the east is near Zhapu port with convenient transportation and accessible . Sea salt to Ningbo Bridge has been completed , and the area will become as numerous businesses .
Our company is an annual production of 8,000 tons nuts specialized enterprise during continuous developing and innovating, with automatic cold heading machine. We can produce Chinese GB standards, international standards ISO , DIN standards, the U.S. ANSI standard , BS standard , Italian UNI standard and various shaped nut.