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    Arvid Nilsson Logistics & Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
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    dean zhu
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    Block A, No. 10 Jin Wen Road, Pudong
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Specialized in manufacturing great amount of bolts nuts circlip washers all

Arvid Nilsson is a company with an exciting past and a promising future. We build not only on the experience we have harvested since 1918, but on solid values and clear vision as well. That is why today we are a business partner that guarantees its customers quality, safety and dynamism.

In recent years we have worked intensively to streamline the company and formulate what characterizes us as a company and what we can bring to the market in the future. That is why Arvid Nilsson today has an extremely clear profile and an organization in which you gain competent sparring and support for your wishes and demands at all levels.

We look very much forward to demonstrating how we can accomplish your tasks. Feel free to contact us for more information about our products and solutions, or begin by reading more about us here on our webpage.