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    NanGe Industrial Zone Club DaoYao Town in Dongguan, GuangDong province
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High Speed Heading Machine

Our company is a professional manufacturer of machinery, founded in 1981, formerly known as a JunCheng Co., LTD. HUEN CHEN ?has been the trademark used for foreign business ,and the company change its name to HUEN CHEN Co., LTD in 2004. The company's operating philosophy is innovation, diligence, unity, integrity, service,which lead to HUEN CHEN management team`s stable growth and ensure integrity step by step in 20 years .Company transforms the traditional industry, machinery industry, to the production of machine tools, applicable to handbags, shoes from trunk, stroller, hardware, stationery folder, screws, processing machinery, etc..Its products include riveting machine, cutting machine, button machine, hydraulic cutting machine, stationery folder equipment machinery, screw molding machine, milling machine, Rub tooth machine etc. Due to the traditional industry manufacturers offshore to mainland , HUEN CHEN e Co., LTD establishes subsidiaries in mainland, HongChang mechanical hardware Co., LTD in Dongguan city of Guangdong province in 1995 , HongYang mechanical hardware Co., LTD in Hui`an of Quanzhou city in Fujian province in 1998, HongJun hardware Co., LTD in Kunshan city of Jiansu province in 2000, HongDa mechanical hardware Co., LTD , in Dongguan city of Guangdong province in 2003,inorder to serve the numerous customers . The company Continuously develops sophisticated machines and has won the domestic market, created a good sales performance abroad. Providing customers with high efficiency, high yield, high quality and reasonable price, is the target we adhere to . Let HUEN CHEN Co., LTD with you, tomorrow will be better.