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Supply blind rivet heading machine and hollow heading machine with high quality and favourable price

CHANG YAN MACHINE (SHANGHAI) CO.,LTD is a developm ent,Manu facture, The sale is to a man Taiwan screw machine and manufacture the business ,Manufac ture installation is well-dev eloped,M anufactu re technique is rich,The examination facilities improve,After many years design the eperiment permanently,The special subject is opened up two standards four and is dashed the much strokes screw and takes the lead the engine.

This corporation after many years the unremitting effort,Whole personnel continuously exerts oneself to the utmost,and the professional work has been found everywhere north and south the great river,The part of produce is sell goods to distant places overseas. For the sake of still more nestle up against and the necessaries to comprehend consumer,The agency is set up in corporation at home much spaces,Particular eastern Guan being living sets up the plant *The service special subject with the high grade is market every the fund screw and is take the lead the engine,Along with complete mill installation of screw machine and the correlation technique consults ,Cultiva te,Machi ne services,Keep in good repair.

CHANG YAN shall be with the classic technique,Price of rational ization, Rigorous quality assurance,Client is the most the highest,The service with high credit is win the confidence of the others to fresh old client,The elder letter shall be optimum mate in your selection,Client in welcome home and abroad discuss together the professional work by the your telegram your letter.