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    Suzhou FuYuan Standard Fastener Co., Ltd
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    MR. Gao
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    XuGuan industrial park SuZhou New District
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Specialized in manufacturing Hexagon bolt DIN931, DIN933 (GB5782, GB5783) of high quality

We specialize in producing Grade 8.8 and Grade 10.9 bolts and screws:
1. Hexagon socket cap screw DIN912(GB70.1)
2. Hexagon socket low head cap screw with hole DIN6912
3. Hexagon socket countersunk head screw DIN7991(GB70.3)
4. Hexagon socket button head screw ISO7380
5. Hexagon socket head cap screw with reduced head DIN7984
6. Hexagon bolt DIN931, DIN933 (GB5782, GB5783)
7. Hexagon flange bolt DIN6921 (GB5787, GB5789)
8. Customer requested un-standard screws
9. Assembled parts and Stamped parts